2018 – Let’s get back on track

Swedish Johnny

It’s that time of year when everyone including me wants to lose those extra holiday pounds. Many of us get excited about eating better and start looking for a diet that will burn off those pounds quickly and easily. You’ve heard of many of them, The Keto diet, Low carb, DASH, High protien, South Beach and on and on. Every year US News and World Report rankes the diets on long-term weight loss success, ease of use and overall impact on health.

The results are in for 2018. Don’t take my word, read it for yourself.


I don’t diet and I don’t believe in diets. Diets are short term commitments to lose weight. I believe in adopting a positive daily eating plan that fits the lifestyle you want to live. A diet may get you to a goal but there are far too many people who fall back into old habits and gain the weight right back. A better way to do it is to adopt a positive eating plan that works for you every day. You will probably lose weight a little more slowly but you will get into regular routine and it will be easier to stick with. Over time you will lose weight and your body will plateau at a different and lighter place.

Over the next few weeks I will be showing how I do it.