Exercise Releases Your Feel Good Endorphins

8-1-2014.1 headshot4 preferredDid you know that exercise releases “feel good” endorphins in your brain? I do some sort of vigorous cardio exercise every single day and add weight-training to that every other day.



I do 3.5 miles every single day, a High Intensity Interval Training one day and a Power Walk the next day. I am not a passionate runner so the interval training takes the drudgery out of running staright through, and the power walk is almost like a day of without a day off.

The 45 to 55 minutes I spend doing cardio exercise is often my best thinking time and I am always exilerated at the end of my daily session. Am I tired and sore? Absolutely, but the feel good endorphins easily overpower those feelings. Within an hour of finishing my exercise I am full of energy and upbeat.

There seem to be a thousand different exercise plans, fads and regemens, but I’m not a fad guy. When I was designing my plan I just tried different things until I found what works for me. I’m not here to give advice and tell you how you should do anything. My goal is just to be an example by showing what works for me. I hope you find something valuable in my health writings.

Daily Exercise makes me feel great and is truly the best part of my day! Give it a try.

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