Lose those “Easy First Five Pounds”


I can hear the gears grinding already. The “Easy First Five Pounds”? Be serious. You are laughing now and saying, “There are no easy pounds to lose”. Oh, but you can lose weight without dieting and without changing your life style very much. Did you get that? Not very much. But, you have to do something.

Now for all you doubters I want to provide a little disclaimer and a peek into how I look at life. First, this plan is based on eating what I believe are good foods. I am not a dietician or doctor but I try to cover the four food groups and eat sensibly. I try to listen to my body and eat what I’m craving as long as they fall into the “good category”. I rarely eat candy bars anymore but I do eat protein bars that are often chocolate and peanut butter flavor, fill my need for protein and satisfy my desire for something sweet. I try to think outside of my normal diet for things that can be good for me but still satisfy. Mixing chocolate protein powder with skim milk in a blender makes a high protein meal and a dessert all in one. Try it. It is delicious.

The other thing I want to emphasize is that I don’t diet. I adapt my lifestyle to help me feel good and get to where I want to be. Sure I am cutting back on calories, but what I really have done is change the way I live on a permanent basis. I have cut way back on salad dressing and butter for example. They contain lots of empty calories and a little goes a long way. I am always looking for ways to change my lifestyle for the better instead of looking for something temporary. Finally, I am a creature of habit. It is just the way I am hardwired. I often eat the same things are day for days on end. I believe repetition helps regulate my cravings for bad foods, but you might need more variety than me. That is fine. We each should be able to adapt our lifestyle for our own best use.

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Exercise Releases Your Feel Good Endorphins

8-1-2014.1 headshot4 preferredDid you know that exercise releases “feel good” endorphins in your brain? I do some sort of vigorous cardio exercise every single day and add weight-training to that every other day.



I do 3.5 miles every single day, a High Intensity Interval Training one day and a Power Walk the next day. I am not a passionate runner so the interval training takes the drudgery out of running staright through, and the power walk is almost like a day of without a day off.

The 45 to 55 minutes I spend doing cardio exercise is often my best thinking time and I am always exilerated at the end of my daily session. Am I tired and sore? Absolutely, but the feel good endorphins easily overpower those feelings. Within an hour of finishing my exercise I am full of energy and upbeat.

There seem to be a thousand different exercise plans, fads and regemens, but I’m not a fad guy. When I was designing my plan I just tried different things until I found what works for me. I’m not here to give advice and tell you how you should do anything. My goal is just to be an example by showing what works for me. I hope you find something valuable in my health writings.

Daily Exercise makes me feel great and is truly the best part of my day! Give it a try.